Captain M. T. Gonzaullas
State Ranger
Fair Park
Dallas, Texas
January 11, 1951

Lets talk a little about Texarkana. U.S.A.

Now that the war is picking up and Red River Arsenal will boom that place again, we will again hear songs like. Texarkana Baby. Texarkana here I Come, etc. and this Settlement will again boom like a oil town. I see where the law officers are again having trouble on the Texas side and lots of it.

What then-will that old Phantom murderer do. Or is he still alive. I was at Texarkana during all that boom-boom there and believe that this bird is still alive and lives and working there now. I may be wrong but I do not believe the real clue of clues was run down and the most important one was squashed like the old O'Dwyer case was several years back on the Arkansas side.

I am just recalling from memory the things that happened back then. The first attack on a couple (man & woman) in a park car resulted I believe in the man being harmed in a very unmannerly way. The woman was not attached but was run for a distant from the parking spot. The lady I believe lives now in Oklahoma claimed the man wore a mask, maybe so. Two weeks later this Phantom struck new the Owens place, killing the man and woman and from reports the woman was raped. Now for the real clue and supposed smart killer. Two weeks later the boy and girl at Spring Lake were killed and the girl was reported raped several times. I was at the scene the next morning after the car was being checked for finger prints, etc. and I did not hear of any house being checked or investigated in the nearby scene I believe this killer lives in the near vicinity of where the body of the boy was discovered and also the girl was taken into the home or hideout of the Phantom killer and rapped to his animal desire was satisfied. Her body was taken to a spot where the killer knows the woods, paths, etc. like a book. It was in my opinion dumped there and the killer returned to his home and locked and barred everything in the house and he sped away for a day or so. Now the Starks killing is believed to be separate from the other 4 but I am now convinced that it was the same bird that committed the other two murders. He probably fished a lot on the farm of Starks and knew Mrs. Starks and still had a desire not only to murder but to RARE her. He waited until almost the two weeks but struck on Friday night during a Texarkana Bear ball game and the reports are that most of the law officers were at a fish fry that night and drinking was plentiful. If these are a fact, the killer knew it and thought it a good opportunity to strike again. I believe the killer is over 50 years of age, a single only codger, stays drunk most of the time around his home and a wizard with guns. Also he works regularly there in Texarkana. Is an old time and nearly died with a heart attack about a few months after the killings.

Believe the night force in Texarkana, Texas did not investigate all the clews and dismissed them from their mind as not being it couldn't be him. Now the only way you will be able to find out it to send your own men up there quietly and investigate it for several weeks before this killer decides to strike again this spring when the petting parties might again park in their cars. I am not signing my name because I dont want to be a party to any investigation and if information above is a dud, then the innocent party should remain free and his name never mentioned. But you investigate and see if this is not a good lead. He still lives in the vicinity I told you about.

Just signed, John Doe

The envelope was marked personal and was addressed to Capt. M.T. Gozaullas, State Ranger, Fair Park, Dallas, Texas. Just one example of the colorful letters the Rangers received in connection with the murders. Some folks wrote, accusing their own neighbors of the murders!

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